Self-PortraitWhile I share the name Ben Sheets with a MLB pitcher, I sadly do not share the same athletic traits.  Rather, I am an associate pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Plover, WI.  I arrived in February of 2008 after finishing my M.Div from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  This is what I do, not who I am.

I am a blessed person.  The husband of a loving and beautiful wife, Rachel.  The recipient of God’s amazing grace through Jesus.  I strive to understand and experience God’s grace moment by moment.  I hope to speak God’s word of grace and truth to people that they might be inspired to live that grace and truth out in the world.  As they live in community with one another, I hope that their lives might be transformed by this love. 

I enjoy baking bread, cooking, eating what I’ve cooked and baked, taking photos, being outside, and enjoying life in general.  


2 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Ben, It has been too long since I was the victim of your slight of hand card tricks. Seems all is well in your life, and I am glad you have found such a meaningful calling in life. My step-father’s cousin, Rev. Charles Aufdenkampe, is a retired Lutheran minister in the Chicago area (Lakeside Dr. area) Best wishes, Ben.

  2. Ben, when you find books that interest you again, let me know. I think Seminary ruined me. I’m considering going back to my Star Wars paperbacks from high school…

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